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(No spoiers about Catch 22)

Just as I was finishing Catch 22 - a book that felt more like a chore than enjoyable, I happened to listen the Econtalk episode on Kenny G with Penny Lane. In it Russ refers to Hegel’s Aesthetics and how it narrowed the Western definition of art to mean something that is difficult, though provoking and challenging. Something simply enjoyable cannot be art by almost definition.

The book appears on many lists of literary classics and it no doubt checks many of the boxes Hegel laid out for good art. Difficult, though provoking and challenging indeed. Confusing with a paper thing plot I’d say. Personally if this makes books art, a reminder for myself not read books that are considered good art. The books sure has some fancy writing, but I’m not after long form poetry in Novel form. I want something that keeps me engaged. This one felt like it would’ve made it’s point if half the pages. War Sucks.

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