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Beyond Compare is a classic comparing tool for folders and files. But when you follow the instructions and set up bc4 as your compare/merge tool, it opens all diffs in a separate window and one by one. This is slow and tedious, so it’s better to set it up so that it opens a single window and all the changed files in tabs.

Basic setup

Here is the basic setup as per instructions (Windows):

git config --global diff.tool bc
git config --global difftool.bc.path "c:/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/bcomp.exe"
git config --global difftool.prompt false

I’ll also switch the tab order to make the changed file more visible in the tabs:

git config --global difftool.bc.cmd '\"c:/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/bcomp.exe\" \"$REMOTE\" \"$LOCAL\"'

The same for Linux:

git config --global difftool.bc3.cmd '"bcompare" "$REMOTE" "$LOCAL"'

Then well add a new git command diffall. So open your git installation directory and go to cmd dir: e.g. C:\Program Files\Git\cmd\.

Create a new file called git-diffall (no extension):

git diff --name-status "$@" | grep "^M" | awk '{ print $2; }' | while read filename; do
    git difftool "$@" --no-prompt "$filename" &

On Linux this file can be e.g. /usr/local/bin/git-diffall

You may need Administrator privileges to create that file.

Now you can use diffall to open a single session of bc4 diffall

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